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TextSniper release-notes

TextSniper 1.9.0

October 26 , 2022

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the need to click twice the TextSniper icon in the menu bar.
  • Other minor fixes and performance improvements.

TextSniper 1.8.0

September 6 , 2022

  • Full macOS Ventura support.
  • New recognition languages: Japanese, Korean,
    Ukrainian, Russian (macOS Ventura required)
  • Improved recognition of dashes.
  • Improved onboarding experience.
  • Other minor fixes and performance improvements.

TextSniper 1.7.0

June 19 , 2021

  • Added option to clear Additive Clipboard History Automatically on ⌘V presses. Proceed to Preferences > General to enable this option.
  • Added global shortcut to toggle Additive Clipboard on and off. Proceed to Preferences > Shortcuts to set this shortcut.
  • Added global shortcut to clear Additive Clipboard history. Proceed to Preferences > Shortcuts to set this shortcut.
  • Improved paragraph detection.
  • Improved accessibility with VoiceOver.
  • Fixed auto-updater. The next updates will be within TextSniper itself.
  • Other minor fixes and performance improvements.

TextSniper 1.6.0

April 22 , 2021

  • Added “Import from iPad or iPhone” option. Use your mobile device camera to quickly capture text from a photo or scanned document.
  • Added “Capture Previous Selection” option. If you need to repeatedly capture text from the same screen area, like from YouTube video, now you can use a predefined keyboard shortcut to extract text from the same screen area previously used by the “Capture Text” operation. Proceed to Preferences > Shortcuts to set a global shortcut.
  • Added two dedicated shortcuts to Capture Text with or without line breaks. Proceed to Preferences > Shortcuts to set a global shortcut.
  • Added the ability to increase/decrease the rate of the Text to Speech speed.
  • Other minor fixes and performance improvements.

TextSniper 1.5.0

February 14 , 2021

  • Added QR code and barcode recognition. Proceed to Preferences > Shortcuts to set global shortcut.
  • Added ability to disable Success Notification popup. Proceed to Preferences > General to toggle this option.
  • Other minor fixes and performance improvements.

TextSniper 1.4.0

January 17 , 2021

    New Custom Words list.

  • If the text you’re recognizing uses domain-specific jargon, such as medical or technical terms, you can tailor the language correction’s behavior by setting the Custom Words list. The words in the list takes precedence over the standard lexicon. You can add Custom Words in Preferences > Customs Words pane.
  • License Deactivation/Transfer.

  • Easily transfer TextSniper from one to another Mac. You can deactivate TextSniper license in Preferences > General pane.
  • Other minor fixes and performance improvements.

TextSniper 1.3.1

November 17 , 2020

  • This release brings support for Apple Silicon (M1) Macs.
  • Fixed UI glitch in dark mode in Preferences → Shortcuts.

TextSniper 1.3.0

November 12 , 2020

New languages support in Big Sur

  • Now on Big Sur only is fully supported 6 new languages: German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.
  • Improved overall accented character recognition for other languages.
  • You can select your primary recognition language in Preferences → General pane.
    (Big Sur only)

New Preferences window

  • To declutter TextSniper menu we have placed rarely used options into new separate Preferences window.

Renamed Keep History option

  • After receiving some feedback we decided to rename Keep History option to Additive Clipboard. Users found old name misleading and incorrect.

New customizable shortcuts

  • Added new customizable global shortcut for Stop Speaking and 3 shortcuts to toggle options when Capture Text operation is active.
    To assign new shortcuts open Preferences → Shortcuts.

TextSniper 1.2.1

October 10 , 2020

  • Fixed bug when in switched off "Keep Line Breaks" mode every new line from the second one had an extra indentation. Now the text is copied properly.
  • MacOS BigSur ready.

TextSniper 1.2.0

September 15 , 2020

Keep History

This option will save time and speed up your work if you need to recognize many texts from different sources. Each new piece of text will be added to the overall history. Paste text into the editor whenever you like. The data does not disappear if you restart your Mac, but can be permanently deleted if you click Clear History. Note: its undo-able action.

Text to Speech

When enabled turns any recognized text to speech. It is great addition for people who have trouble reading text on their screens. To tweak voice options navigate to System Preferences > Accessibility > Speech.

Additional Keyboard Shortcuts

Toggle TextSniper options with keyboard shortcuts while Capture Text mode is active:

  • Keep Line Breaks → Cmd+L
  • Keep History → Cmd+H
  • Text to Speech → Cmd+S

Hide TextSniper Icon

Hold down Cmd key and drag the TextSniper icon out of the menubar to hide it. Relaunch the app to re-add it back.

TextSniper 1.1.0

August 27, 2020

Features added

  • Disable sound: When option enabled text screenshot will be taken without sound effect.
  • Keep Line Breaks: This option is enabled by default. Recognized text will retain line breaks after processing. Disabling this mode will capture text as paragraph. Line breaks will be removed.
  • Check for Updates: Clicking this button you can check for latest updates.