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TextSniper 1.2.1

October 10 , 2020

  • Fixed bug when in switched off "Keep Line Breaks" mode every new line from the second one had an extra indentation. Now the text is copied properly.
  • MacOS BigSur ready.

TextSniper 1.2.0

September 15 , 2020

Keep History

This option will save time and speed up your work if you need to recognize many texts from different sources. Each new piece of text will be added to the overall history. Paste text into the editor whenever you like. The data does not disappear if you restart your Mac, but can be permanently deleted if you click Clear History. Note: its undo-able action.

Text to Speech

When enabled turns any recognized text to speech. It is great addition for people who have trouble reading text on their screens. To tweak voice options navigate to System Preferences > Accessibility > Speech.

Additional Keyboard Shortcuts

Toggle TextSniper options with keyboard shortcuts while Capture Text mode is active:

  • Keep Line Breaks → Cmd+L
  • Keep History → Cmd+H
  • Text to Speech → Cmd+S

Hide TextSniper Icon

Hold down Cmd key and drag the TextSniper icon out of the menubar to hide it. Relaunch the app to re-add it back.

TextSniper 1.1.0

August 27, 2020

Features added

  • Disable sound: When option enabled text screenshot will be taken without sound effect.
  • Keep Line Breaks: This option is enabled by default. Recognized text will retain line breaks after processing. Disabling this mode will capture text as paragraph. Line breaks will be removed.
  • Check for Updates: Clicking this button you can check for latest updates.